Mullewa Bushland

Mullewa is well known for an abundance of wildflowers in spring, and it is one of the few places in the world that visitors can view the striking wreath flower (Leschenaultia macrantha).

A diverse array of flora and fauna are found within the Mullewa region, including the pink, white and yellow pom-pom everlastings.

Wreath Flower Pom-Poms Everlastings
Wreath flower



Mullewa Wildflowers and walks

The town of Mullewa comes alive late winter and spring when dramatic displays of wildflowers brighten up the reserves and roadsides. The Mullewa region is rich in wildflowers due to its location which straddles geological and climatic transition zones, leading to a huge variety of wildflower species including fields of everlasting daisies, tiny orchids and of course, the famous wreath flower.

A number of walk trails taking in the wildflowers and history of the town are available, ranging from a 2.8km walk to a short 590m walk. Mullewa forms part of Exploring Wildflower country and is an ideal base to discover the wider region via The Wildflower Way, or the Mullewa Drive trails which take in the scenery and heritage of the district.

When visiting the walk trails and other site please leave only footprints, take only photos and stay on the trails. Dogs must be kept on a leash. It is illegal to take flora without a permit.

Wildflower way brochures and maps are available at the Geraldton Visitor Centre on Chapman Road here

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