Operation Barndi Mara - Managing Animals in a Disaster

Managing animals in a disaster can be a complex issue for emergency responders and communities.  The City of Greater Geraldton acknowledged this as a priority and developed Local Animal Emergency Welfare Guidelines.  Agencies who work closely with animals in the community came together to test the guidelines and the exercise and outcomes were captured on this film.

Geraldton - WA Weekender

This WA Weekender episode focuses on our fabulous Geraldton businesses getting behind the Wildflower season.

Greenough - WA Weekender

This WA Weekender episode focuses on Greenough and its surrounds: the leaning tree, the Greenough River mouth, Wildlife and Bird Park and Central Greenough Historic Settlement.

Mullewa Wildflowers - WA Weekender

This WA Weekender episode focuses on the beautiful Mullewa region and it's stunning wildflowers.

Wildflower TV Promotion

The City launched a wildflower TV campaign showcasing some of the world's largest collection of wildflowers at home here in the Mid-West.

Our Town Episode

Channel 7’s ‘Our Town’ episode showcases the best of the Geraldton region and encourages people to move, live, work, study and invest in Geraldton.

Wildflower Video

The Wildflower Video is being primed for the tourist season and has been produced by Cineport for the City. It showcases the colours and beauty of Wildflowers within the Mid West Region.

Mully Mob - The Wild Mid West

Local children from Mullewa feature in this Song Nation project which was born from the collaboration between Desert Pea Media and The Smugglers Of Light Foundation.

Mullewa Muster and Rodeo

Check out all the action from the annual Mullewa Muster and Rodeo event.

#changesCGGcommunity - Participatory Budgeting Project Interview 2014

City of Greater Geraldton CEO and Project Director discuss the importance of involving the community in decisions regarding how the budget gets spent.

#changesCGGcommunity - Overview of Partipatory Budgeting

The City of Greater Geraldton asked its citizens to help make decisions about how their money is spent in a project called #changesCGGcommunity.

National Reconciliation Week 2014 - Rangeway Didge Boys

The City of Greater Geraldton celebrated National Reconciliation Week 2014 by putting on Archie Roach and Yamaji Music Collective.

Million Trees Project

This Million Trees project was supported by the City of Greater Geraldton's Community Development and Empowerment, and Environmental Sustainability teams working together in partnership with the community. Planting a Million Trees is a community aspiration expressed in 2029 and Beyond community consultations.

Disability Access and Inclusion Staff Awareness Video

This video is designed to assist staff at the City of Greater Geraldton in understanding our obligations to access and inclusion.


You can view all these videos and more on the City of Greater Geraldton YouTube Channel