#changesCGG Program

#changesCGG is an externally focused strategy that is based upon the principles of deliberative democracy and participatory budgeting. The strategy involves the engagement of community panels to review the Council's community infrastructure priorities and range and level of services.

By incorporating the principles of deliberative democracy, the #changesCGG strategy will ensure equitable representation of community interests and needs in decision making, more effectively manage community expectations, and bring about a greater level of transparency in Council budget deliberations.

Local Government is facing challenges in providing more and more for its residents with a shrinking bucket of money (which comes from ratepayers, the Federal Government, other grants and, in some cases, the sale of assets).

In early 2013 the City embarked upon developing long term strategies for its finances and operations. Although the City has developed numerous strategies and plans for the sustainable development of the City which contain recommendations for projects there was no long term overview to direct spending or planning. Till then it had been done the traditional local government way: a bit ad-hoc, lacking community input and with each City department prioritising according to its individual needs.