Post Office Lane Lightbox Gallery

As part of the new Rocks Laneway Redevelopment, the City is excited to present the Post Office Lane Lightbox Gallery, Geraldton’s newest public exhibition space. Made up of 8 lightbox cabinets, the City is inviting artists of the Midwest the opportunity to submit a Lightbox Gallery exhibition proposal to showcase their work in the public realm.

The successful artist will receive a budget of $1,000 to cover costs related to the development, marketing and presentation of the work. The City will also cover the cost of printing artwork on non-adhesive transparency film, ready for installation.

This opportunity is open to artists of all ages and experience levels, as well as community groups or curators of group exhibitions. Your application should contain a brief synopsis of your proposed exhibition, conceptually resolved visual mock ups and examples of past work.

Applications must be submitted through the online application form by the closing date provided. 


Cam Fitzgerald I Paper, Scissors, Rock I 6 May - 8 July 2021

Paper Scissors Rock Collage #5

‘Paper Scissors Rock’ is a series of whimsical work that began as a daily meditation to beat insomnia and became a powerful means of self-expression.

Aiming for clarity of thought, inspiration comes when sorting through discarded scraps of paper, while small acts of cutting and gluing quieten the mind. In this moment, not clouded with indecision and what-ifs, I am free to explore the infinite ways colours and textures can be combined and shaped into whatever my mind fancies.