Community thanked for support in recent fires

Published on Thursday, 21 November 2019 at 4:40:35 PM

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn has thanked the community for their support and cooperation during fires in Geraldton last week.

After two separate fires burnt through several hectares of land in Utakarra and Drummond Cove, many people were evacuated from their homes.

Mayor Shane Van Styn has thanked the community for their efforts and comradery during last week’s emergency.

“I think I speak for everyone in the community in saying a huge thank you to those who aided in helping to combat the fires in Geraldton last week," he said.

“From firefighters, volunteers, various emergency services workers and also our amazing community members who all pulled together to ensure the community were safe and homes weren’t lost.

“We’ve heard so many stories of people helping neighbours to evacuate, bringing food and drink to emergency workers and just generally showing a great deal of compassion and kindness.”

Firefighters responded from the career fire station, from Parks and Wildlife Service, volunteer fire and rescue stations and bushfire brigades from the City of Greater Geraldton, as well as Shires of Northampton, Chapman Valley and Irwin.

Firefighters were superbly supported by the City of Greater Geraldton, the State Emergency Service (SES), St Johns Ambulance, WA Police, many local and state agencies and groups, and the community of Geraldton who all contributed to a positive outcome.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Superintendent Craig Smith said the excellent community spirit makes the jobs of firefighters and other emergency workers much easier.

“I sincerely thank the community for the manner in which they assisted the responding crews and supported each other in their neighbourhoods,” he said.

“I also commend the responding firefighters and support personnel who worked tirelessly to bring these fires under control and whose efforts, as always, are first class.

“We live in an amazing community and I encourage interested people to consider being a part of the emergency services and volunteer to join their local fire brigade, the SES, St Johns or even the Marine Rescue Group who all actively protect our community in emergency situations,” he added.

In these times of hot, dry and windy weather, it is important for the community to gather information before any fire starts, and if there is a bushfire - knowing where to get further information and what they need to do.

It is important people plan ahead by having a five-minute chat - with family, in your neighbourhood and in community groups - to develop your plans. But leave early if you have any doubts. Further information about planning ahead can be found here

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter contact the City or DFES for more information.

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