Community Grants

The aim of the City’s Community Grants Program is to provide assistance to local community groups and organisations that make positive contributions to the quality of life within the Greater Geraldton region.  

The Community Grants Program is offered once a financial year for one-off events, activities and / or programs. 

Applying for Community Grants

Applications for Round 18 of the Community Grants Program are now closed.

It is anticipated that an outcome will be reached by mid-September, with all applicants to be advised immediately thereafter.

Applying for Community Grants Project Support

Applications through the Community Grants Project Support Program are open throughout the year. 

Requests for funding are capped at $2,000.  Once the budget allocation has been expended for the financial year, no further funding will be approved through the Community Grants Project Support Program. 

View the Community Grants Project Support Application

Should you require any further information, please contact the City on (08) 9956 6940 or by email at