Australia Day in Geraldton and Mullewa

Australia Day 2021 in Geraldton and Mullewa

‘We’re All Part of the Story’ is the theme for this year’s Australia Day event, which is set to take place at Stow Gardens on the Geraldton Foreshore this Tuesday 26 January.

Members of the community wishing to attend the Australia Day event will be required to register for free tickets via Eventbrite by clicking here.

Tickets can also be acquired at the Civic Centre and QEII Seniors and Community Centre.

For those in Mullewa, the local swimming pool is the place to be for entertainment and activities. Enjoy free entry from 8am, a barbecue breakfast and pool inflatables.

Geraldton event program:

Time: Event:
2.45pm MC welcome
3pm Citizenship Ceremony and Community Citizen of the Year Awards
5.15pm Local music and entertainment from 'Soundscapes of the Midwest'
7.30pm Headline act: Proof
9.30pm Event conclusion

Register for your free Australia Day tickets here!

While much will be happening on the day, the much-loved fireworks show will not be going ahead as it presents too much of a risk to the community with COVID-19 still at large.

On the day, attendees will have to scan in using the SafeWA app to ensure community safety is upheld. The event area will be fenced off to comply with COVID-19 requirements and advice from the State Government’s Chief Health Officer.

Upon arrival, attendees will be assigned an area with a picnic blanket from a COVID-19 marshal.

Australia Day 2021 commemorations in both Geraldton and Mullewa are alcohol and smoke free events.

Community Citizen of the Year Awards

Congratulations to all of the nominees in Geraldton and Mullewa!

Be sure to attend the commemorations at Stow Gardens on the Geraldton Foreshore where the winners will be announced.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate the following individuals and groups:

Anne-Marie Hopkinson
Alan Rasmussen
Brie-Anne Mauger
Chapman River Friends
Dianne Doust
David and Cindy Goodwin
Edward Kim Pedlow
Elizabeth Robinson
Geraldton Dog Rescue
Glenn Bryant
Jo Bunker
Jill Hollands
Lillyan Treaure
Lorraine Bowen
Lisa Bickley
Paul Dodson
Patricia Weir
Riley Curtis
Red Cross Australia
Virginie Carbonatto

Event Terms and Conditions

• If you are suffering from flu like symptoms, please stay at home

• If you have recently travelled to, or returned from: overseas or interstate in the past 14 days, please stay at home

• Please have the SafeWA application installed on a smartphone, ready to scan the Stow Gardens SafeWA QR Code at the entry gate, alternatively, please be prepared to fill in a SafeWA paper slip at the entry gate. Refusal to do so will result in your entry being denied

• Entry wristbands must not be removed whilst the event is underway

• Australia Day is an alcohol and smoke free event

• All attendees must adhere to the current State Government COVID-19Guidelines and comply with instructions from all City of Greater Geraldton COVID-19 Marshalls whilst in the event

• Entry to the site is at your own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by law, City of Greater Geraldton, its employees and agents are not responsible for any loss, injury or damage you may suffer on site

• You must comply with all reasonable requests made by the City of Greater Geraldton or its agents, including in the case of any emergency. You must leave the site if requested to do so for safety reasons

• No moshing! You must not act in any way which is dangerous to fellow patrons on site or negligent or reckless as to their safety and wellbeing

• No person wearing clothing, jewellery, or any other accessory displaying or indicating by form of wording, colours, logo, symbol or otherwise that they are members of or otherwise associated with criminal gangs be allowed entry to or be permitted to remain at the Event or Venue

• Please be aware that strobe, laser, flashing or other lighting effects may be used throughout the event

• The following items are strictly prohibited and must not be brought on site (in addition to the right to remove patrons breaching this requirement, the offending items may be confiscated):

• Alcohol;

• Glass bottles;

• Drugs or other illegal substances;

• Fireworks, sparklers or any other similar items;

• Weapons;

• Banners, flags, poles or any other similar items; and

• Folding chairs, crates, tables, umbrellas and portable furniture.

• City of Greater Geraldton and its security personnel may conduct security and bag searches

• Wheelchairs are very welcome. For safety reasons, wheelchairs and crutches cannot pass into the front barrier area. Please contact to see how CGG can assist you further

• No animals will be admitted on site (except for guide dogs)

• No unauthorised trading is permitted on site

• No unauthorised commercial filming, photography or sound recording is permitted and breaches of this restriction will lead to confiscation of equipment

• When moving around the events space. Please follow designated paths and minimize unnecessary movement around the event space.

• City of Greater Geraldton will record the event on site. You accept that City of Greater Geraldton may use any photos, footage or audio of you on site within any media and communicate such media to the public, without any liability to you

• You will be exposed to loud music at the event. Patrons concerned about hearing damage should consider the use of ear plugs or other suitable protection

• At the end of the event, patrons must leave the site in a safe and orderly fashion, using the designated exits

• By entering this site, you are deemed to have accepted each of the terms above. The City of Greater Geraldton and its agents reserve the right to refuse any person admission to the site in their sole discretion. If you do not accept any of these terms, you must not enter. If you act inconsistently with any of these terms, you may be removed

• City of Greater Geraldton and its agents reserve the right to refuse any item to be brought on site which they consider in their sole discretion may be potentially harmful or otherwise disruptive to their management of, or other patron’s enjoyment of, the event

• By acquiring a ticket I have understood the full terms and conditions outlined to attend Australia Day 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Stow Gardens?

Stow Gardens is located next to the Geraldton Multipurpose Centre on the Geraldton Foreshore, it’s also close to the Sail Inn and KFC.

When does the event start?

Gates will open from 2pm, with the event starting at 3pm and running until 9:30pm.

How are things working this year for Australia Day 2021?

The Stow Gardens area on the Geraldton Foreshore will be fenced this year. This will allow for a fixed number of attendees into Stow Gardens, so the City abides by COVID-19 regulations. Those interested in attending the event will be required to register for free tickets at Eventbrite. Tickets will be limited due to the capacity of the event grounds. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Once you secure your tickets through Eventbrite, upon arrival at one of our entry gates on Australia Day, your group will be directed to your own spot on Stow Gardens.

Your spot will include a free Australia Day Council branded picnic blanket for your group to use. The blanket displays this year’s message of “Reflect, Respect, Celebrate: We are all part of the story.” You will be able to take the blanket home as you leave the event site (all blankets are subject to availability).

Do I need a ticket to attend the event?

Yes, you will need to nominate someone to register your group’s attendance through Eventbrite. The ticket will be checked at one of the event entry gates. Tickets are free, but essential, if you wish to attend the event. If you are unable to secure a ticket online, you can collect tickets at the Civic Centre and QEII Seniors and Community Centre.

I don’t have a ticket, can I walk into the event without registering for tickets online?

Those wishing to attend the event on the day, without registering for tickets online, will only be permitted entry into a strictly limited capacity area. Entrance to this area will be at the discretion of event staff on the on the day of the event. The City of Greater Geraldton asks that you kindly register for tickets to avoid disappointment on the day. If you are unable to enter the event, there will be food stalls and space along the Geraldton Foreshore. The City of Greater Geraldton will be distributing picnic blankets in Stow Gardens, subject to availability.

Who can attend the event?

Everyone is welcome at Australia Day 2021 commemorations! :)

I no longer require my tickets, should I let CGG know?

Yes, if you could please email to let the team know, we will be able to allocate your tickets for other community members. Performances will still be viewable and audible from the Geraldton Foreshore area.

Even though I have registered for tickets online and provided all my group’s details, will I still be required to scan into the event using the SafeWA app or the paper sign in sheet?

Yes, the City of Greater Geraldton will still require you to sign into the event on the entry gate using the SafeWA app or using one of the SafeWA paper sign in sheets. Refusal to do so will result in your entry being denied. Please ensure the app is installed on your smart phone to ensure your entry into the event is as smooth as possible. Alternatively, you can sign in manually at the event gate.

Can I leave the event and then come back?

Yes, pass outs will be permitted for the event.

Where can I park?

Parking is available along the Geraldton Foreshore area.

Will there be ATM’s on site?

No, some individual stallholders may have EFTPOS facilities. The banks are close by so you will be able to get some cash out if required.

What can I bring into the concert?

Food, non-alcoholic drinks and small eskies. Please keep all liquids in plastic bottles.

Is there disability access?

Yes, please check in with before the event, to ensure that we can assist you as best as possible.

What can’t I bring into the concert?

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Illicit drugs
  • Glass bottles
  • Sporting equipment, including but not limited to: bats, balls, racquets, clubs
  • Mobile structures such as tents, fold out tables and chairs and umbrellas
  • Inflatable items such as balloons, beach balls etc.
  • Musical or party instruments including but not limited to: Horns, whistles, drums, air horns, party poppers or any other instrument where the generated noise or fragments may harm, alarm or cause distress to another person
  • Any instrument that may resemble a weapon or imitation plastic weapon of any kind including but not limited to a sword, gun, hand grenade, hammer, shields, knives, armour etc.
  • Any item that could pierce the skin or otherwise cause injury to another person including but not limited to sporting equipment
  • Any piece of clothing or item that could be considered a projectile and utilised to cause injury to another person
  • Any piece of clothing or items that incite either a political activist or religious stance that could otherwise be considered offensive by another person
  • Any explosive or flammable item, including but not limited to flares or fireworks
  • Lasers, laser pointers of any other light emitting device that may harm, alarm or cause distress to another person
  • Rollerblades, skateboards, scooters or bicycles
  • Animals other than guide or assistance dogs
  • A bad attitude