Geraldton listed as leaders in e-waste recycling

Published: Friday, 20 December 2019 at 12:09:43 PM

A total of 18.5 tonnes of e-waste has been recycled by the City of Greater Geraldton in 2019, placing us second in Total Green Recycling’s list of ‘Top 10 performing councils in WA’.

The City’s e-waste recycling program has been running for three years which allows the community to recycle e-waste at a collection point located at Meru Landfill.

The e-waste is then transported to a contractor, dismantled and the components are sold on for recycling with 90% of the material recovered and reintroduced as raw manufacturing of new products.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said it was great to see the community using the City’s facility to recycle e-waste.

“We are very supportive of recycling and we work hard to ensure there are options for our community to recycle almost anything – including e-waste,” he said.

“It’s vital that our whole community take steps toward recycling in their home.

“We know how important recycling is to our community and we thank you those who are already embracing recycling here.”

The e-waste program does not come at a cost to the City as it sits under the National Televisions and Computer Recycling Scheme. 

The items accepted in the City’s e-waste program include:

  • Televisions, monitors
  • Desktop systems, laptops
  • Printers, photocopiers
  • Servers, network equipment
  • All computer peripherals, electronic components
  • Scanners, fax machines
  • Speakers, sound equipment
  • Switching gear, projectors
  • Electronic games, joysticks
  • CDs, DVDs and tapes
  • Cameras, video recorders
  • DVD players
  • Microwaves, vacuum cleaners
  • Mobile & landline phones

The collection point is located at the Meru Waste Disposal Facility in Narngulu.

Meru Landfill is open every day from 7.30am - 4.30pm (except Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday).

To see how e-waste is recycled, head to Total Green Recycling’s Facebook page.

For more information on e-waste, contact the City on (08)9956 6600 or email

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