21 December 2021

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The Agenda Forum for this meeting will be held at 5.00pm Tuesday 14 December 2021, in Council Chambers, 63 Cathedral Avenue, Geraldton.

The Council Meeting will be held at 5.00pm Tuesday 21 December 2021, in Council Chambers, 63 Cathedral Avenue, Geraldton.

Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Questions to Council

If you propose to put a question to Council you are requested to submit them in writing providing your contact details and address prior to the Council Meeting. Please visit the City’s website at https://www.cgg.wa.gov.au/your-council/council/council-meetings/questions-from-the-public.aspx, for the procedure of Public Question Time which includes a submission form for questions.

Please Note: Members of the public must be in attendance at the Council Meeting to which they have submitted a question(s) for response. If this is not the case the question(s) will be treated as 'normal business correspondence' and the question / response will not appear in the Council Minutes.

If you are sending questions via e-mail they are to be submitted by 12 noon the day prior to the meeting to receive a written response.

Questions submitted after 12 noon on the day prior to the meeting, a written response may be provided at the discretion of the presiding member.

A member of the public may ask questions without notice at a meeting, provided they present a written copy of their questions to Council prior to the commencement of the meeting.

Please send your question(s) to :

Chief Executive Officer

City of Greater Geraldton

PO Box 101, Geraldton WA 6531

or to council@cgg.wa.gov.au with the title: “Questions to Council – 21 December 2021”


MINUTES - ORDINARY Meeting of Council - 21 December 2021 (2.01 MB)


AGENDA - ORDINARY Meeting of Council - 21 December 2021 (1.95 MB)


DCS511 - Attachment - Main Roads Land Dealing Plan 2160-060-1 (6.63 MB)

DCS512A - Attachment - Demolition Inspection Report (1.38 MB)

DCS512B - Attachment - Plan of Demolition and Retention - Bell Cottage (Stoneleigh) (1.05 MB)

DCS512C - Attachment Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places - Place Record (1.45 MB)

DCS513A - Attachment - EOI 2122 08 - Development of Willcock Drive Tourist Park (2.42 MB)

CCS660A - Attachment - Draft Council Policy 2.5 Economic Development and Investment Attraction (v3) (813.40 KB)

CCS660B - Attachment - Comparison Table - Council Policy 2.5 Economic Development and Investment Attraction (710.58 KB)

CCS661 - Attachment - Draft Council Policy 4.16 Fracking (v2) (620.17 KB)

CCS662 - Attachment - City of Greater Geraldton - Annual Report 2020-21 (3.87 MB)

CCS664 - Attachment - Monthly Management Report for period ended 30 November 2021 (1.09 MB)

CCS667A - Attachment - City of Greater Geraldton Cost Estimate & Agreement Letter - WAEC (188.24 KB)

CCS667B - Late Attachment - Western Australian Electoral Commissioner Letter – Approval to Defer Filling Vacancy (109.41 KB)

IS253A - Attachment - Point Moore Beach Usage Community Survey Report (2.56 MB)

IS253B - Attachment - Point Moore Dune Stabilisation and Access Control – Coastwest Project Consolidated Site Plans (834.56 KB)

CEO089B - Attachment - Synergy Shortlist Letter (430.35 KB)

RR32 DCSDD177 - Report - Delegated Determinations and Subdivision Applications for Planning Approval (64.93 KB)

RR32 CCS665 - Report - Audit Committee Meeting Minutes - 6 December 2021 (1.03 MB)