Ward and Councillor Representation Review (Closed)

According to the Local Government Act 1995, all local governments with wards must carry out reviews of their ward boundaries and the number of Councillors for each ward at least once every eight years.  The last time wards and representation were reviewed was in 2010, when the then City of Geraldton-Greenough merged with the Shire of Mullewa.

Purpose of the Review

To evaluate the City’s current arrangement of seven wards with 14 elected members and a popularly elected mayor and identify the system of representation that best reflects the characteristics of our community which include:

  • Communities of interest
  • Physical and topographical features
  • Demographic trends
  • Economic factors
  • The ratio of Councillors to electors in the various wards

For more information on the review including the Ward and Representation Review Discussion Paper, and the opportunity to have your say visit the website page here

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