Mullewa Partial Road Reserve Closure (Closed)

Pursuant to Section 58 of the Land Administration Act 1997 (as amended) notice is hereby given that the City of Greater Geraldton proposes to close and dispose of a 6805m2  portion of road reserve, being Lot 381 on Deposited Plan 403047.

 The purpose of the proposal is to rectify anomalies with landholdings in the area and to facilitate the creation of a Reserve for the existing sewerage infiltration pond and create road reserves over the existing constructed road alignments.

 The proposed closure is shown on Deposited Plan 403047 which is available to view at the Cathedral Avenue office, Geraldton, the Mullewa  District Office, corner Padbury and Thomas Streets, Mullewa.  For further information, please contact the City’s Town Planning team on (08)9956 6900.

 Submissions close on Monday 24th July 2017.

 This proposal is available for inspection in order to provide opportunity for public comment and it should not be construed that final approval will be granted.

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