Intent to Acquire Various Crown Reserves Under Section 20A (Closed)

The City of Greater Geraldton gives notice of the intent to acquire the following Crown Reserves pursuant to Section 20A of the Town Planning and Development Act “Public Recreation” Reserves Policy Guidelines for the improved land value from the Crown.

  1. R34449 (Lot 2740) McAleer Drive , Mahomets Beach
  2. R44807 (Lot 3011) Omega Place , Spalding
  3. R31543 (Lot 2590) Pollett Street, Spalding
  4. R29549 (Lots 2504,2742) Hammersley Street Spalding
  5. R48689 (Lot 12707) Wahn Avenue, Waggrakine.
  6. R48448 (Lot 12691) Macedonia Drive, Glenfield
  7. R49967 (Lot 596) Woodman Street, Utakarra
  8. R40027 (Vic Loc 11732) Edward Road, Narngulu
  9. R27506 (Lot 2331) Cairncross Street, Beresford
  10. R28116 (Lot 2334) Cairncross Street, Beresford

Submissions are invited to be received from the public regarding the proposed acquisition until 4.00pm Tuesday 30 June 2015.


Chief Executive Officer

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