Disposal of Portion of Crown Reserve 50100 Land on Foreshore (Closed)

In accordance with Section 3.58 (3) of the Local Government Act 1995, the City of Greater Geraldton gives public notice of the intent to lease a portion of Crown Reserve 50100 comprising a land area of 24m2 for the purpose of a Pop up Café.

A current land market valuation conducted in March 2015 determinded the vaule of $164.50 per square metre.

The proposed disposition of this land is to West End Hospitality Pty Ltd for the amount of $3,948.00 (plus GST) per annum for a lease period of three (3) years with two further term options of three (3) years increased annually by CPI. Any further term options will be subject to a current market valuation to determine the lease fee.

The proposed Lessee is responsible for separately paying;

  1. all applicable rates, taxes and other utilities;
  2. all connection and installation or services to the leased area;
  3. all costs associated with the preparation of any lease.

The proceeds from the lease fees will assist in the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the Geraldton Foreshore.

Submissions are invited to be received from the public in writing regarding the proposed disposition until 4.00pm Tuesday 2 June 2015.


Chief Executive Officer

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