Chapman River Regional Park Mountain Bike Trails

The development of mountain bike riding facilities in the Chapman River Regional Park is underway with the tender recently being awarded to specialist trail development firm Common Ground Trails. Detailed project designs were completed in late January and construction began in early March 2018. The estimated date of project completion is August 2018.  More here

Project Background

In November 2016, Council endorsed the Chapman River Regional Park Mountain Bike Master Plan. The Plan includes making improvements to the well-established 11km long mountain bike trail loop and the closure and rehabilitation of spur tracks which are causing erosion and vegetation management issues, and the construction of jump lines, a pump and jump track and skills track to help build bike-riding skills. More here

Since then, the project has attracted generous Royalties for Regions and Lotterywest grant funding.

To ensure the formalisation of the loop trail is environmentally sustainable and will preserve and enhance the current environmental, cultural and heritage values of the Park the City engaged with key stakeholders including Chapman River Friends, the Geradlton Mountain Bike Club and the Traditional Owners of the land to reach consensus on the implementation of the Master Plan.  An Environmental Impact Statement for the loop trail was also undertaken.

The City will be entering a partnership agreement with the key stakeholders who not only assisted with the development of the Master Plan, they will also have a role in the implementation of the Plan and upkeep of mountain bike trail facilities.

Read the Mountain Bike Master Plan here

Project FAQs

A number of questions regarding the project arose during the presentation of the concept plans to stakeholders and the community information session on Tuesday 6 February 2018. See the concept design presentation here

Read the questions and responses here

Project Works

Review the detailed design for the formalisation of the existing mountain bike trail here

Site Overview

Splading Park Site Plan

Jump & Pump Track

Skllis Park

Proposed Skills Track Elements

Proposed Skills Track Elements

Project Funding

The implementation of the Chapman River Regional Park Mountain Bike Master Plan is joint funded with the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program, managed by the Mid West Development Commission, contributing $235,500Lotterywest $65,000 and the City providing $49,500 towards the delivery of the projects.

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