Buy Local Greater Geraldton Gift Cards

Every time you spend money at a locally owned and operated business, we all benefit. Your decision to spend locally has a positive impact on our local economy, it helps to create local jobs and it enriches the community. And now, spending money is easier than ever with the introduction of the Buy Local Greater Geraldton Gift Card!

What are they?

Buy Local Greater Geraldton Gift Cards are an EFTPOS based community gift card system which promotes spending in Greater Geraldton, so that money stays in our community and contributes to economic growth.

The Buy Local Greater Geraldton Gift Cards, which look like credit cards, will be available for purchase at a number of Geraldton “Load Up Stores”, for an amount of your choice, between $10 and $1,000. They can also be purchased online through Why Leave Town

The amount on the card can then be spent on goods or services at redemption stores in Greater Geraldton.

To participate in the Buy Local Greater Geraldton gift card initiative your business is required to be locally owned and operated or be a locally owned franchise.

There is no cost for a qualifying business to sign up and be a part of this program.

Information for business Information for customers

The City of Greater Geraldton, together with our generous sponsors, are funding this program to benefit all businesses and have committed to the program for a minimum of three years.

The Buy Local Greater Geraldton Gift Cards are brought to you by the City of Greater Geraldton and our generous sponsors. The system on which the program operates is facilitated by Why Leave Town a small business that was founded in 2007.

Buy Local Gift Card Sponsors