Waste diversion high on the agenda in new Budget

Published on Tuesday, 22 June 2021 at 6:30:00 PM

Tip Shop

Picture Caption: The Tip Shop will undergo refurbishments in the 2021/22 financial year.

Significant money will be spent on various waste projects in the coming financial year as waste diversion and sustainability remains high on the agenda.

More than $5 million will be spent on Meru Landfill waste diversion upgrades, alongside the expansion of the Food Organic Garden Organic (FOGO) waste trial.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said waste, recycling and sustainability remain top community priorities and that’s why investment in these areas continues.

“On completion of a review and update to the Meru Masterplan and pending external grant funding, the landfill will undergo upgrades including significant improvements to waste transfer, weighbridge and recycling facilities,” he said. 

“We are also putting a substantial investment into the Tip Shop which will see refurbishments at the building and a continuation of the retail service under City management for the disposal and sale of second hand goods.

“And this is on top of the FOGO trial expansion which will be delivered to a further 2,500 homes.”

Council have agreed to look into the possibility of reinstating bulk vergeside collection in the second half of the financial year. While there are no specific details as to what the program could look like yet, it will be deliberated throughout Budget reviews.

Upgrades to the Transfer Station allow for easier tipping for residents, as well as creating more efficient management of waste diversion.

Opportunities will present at the Tip Shop with the City taking on management of the facility which will see refurbishments at the building and a retail service for the disposal and sale of second hand goods.

The opportunity for the City to manage the facility will help to improve the rates of diversion from landfill, with a predicted 150 tonnes of waste to be diverted.

As well as supporting the State Waste Avoidance Strategy 2030, overall the facility will reduce the amount of waste entering the landfill by reclaiming household items for repair, reuse and resale.

The extension of the FOGO trial will commence in the second half of the 2021/22 financial year, with those homes selected set to be notified later this calendar year.

Free tipping at Meru Landfill remains for residents, and there will be changes in some fees and charges at the facility.

The City also offers free mulch to residents which has seen an increase in quality due to the state of the art shredder and trommel that reduces contamination from the product.

There is now a domestic fee in place for construction and demolition waste with a minimum charge of $25 and $50 per tonne.

There has also been an increase in mattresses and bulky items disposal at the facility which increases costs associated with shredding and disposal.

As a result, mattress disposal will now incur a cost of $20 each and bulky items are $10 each.

For more information and to view the City’s 2021/22 Budget, head to www.cgg.wa.gov.au

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