Current Consultations - Town Planning

The following applications are available for public comment. Details of the applications can be viewed at the Civic Centre on Cathedral Avenue, Geraldton. For more information please contact the City on 9956 6900 and the relevant staff.

Please note that the City in determining the application will take into account any submissions received, but is not obliged to support those views.

Active Consultations
Application Type Proposal Location Enquiries Close Date
Scheme Amendment Local Scheme No.1 Amendment No.15 Lot 30 (No.1) Hadda Way, Mahomets Flats Karrie Elder 17/07/2020 05:00 PM
Development Application Extractive Industry (Sand) Lot 2761 Allanooka Springs Road, Walkaway Neraida Browne 06/07/2020 05:00 PM