St Georges Close Plebiscite

In December 2017, the City held a plebiscite for Bluff Point residents, businesses and absentee property owners regarding Council's decision to leave open the public access way located at the west end of St Georges Close. The plebiscite was held to ensure all community members from the surrounding streets and catchment area could have their say on contentious issue.

Background: Complaints, Requests and a Petition

Acting on a complaint from a St Georges Close resident regarding antisocial behaviour on the street and a request to close the concealed fence opening, City officers sealed the access point in late February 2017.

This closure results in multiple requests from local residents to re-open the fence, which occurred in May 2017.

In July 2017, local residents submitted a petition to Council requesting the fence be closed citing issues of crime and anti-social behaviour as the reasons for the requested closure.

In October 2017, Council resolved the access way would remain open and a plebiscite was held to inform future Council decision making on the matter.

Fence opening

Plebiscite Results

The response rate to the plebiscite was 37%. 80 responses submitted by stakeholders to the St Georges Close Public Access Community Survey. 

The two-question survey first asked respondents to gauge how important convenient pedestrian access to the beach, schools, shops and other local facilities was to them. The majority of survey respondents, or 59%, said convenient pedestrian access to facilities was somewhat to very important to them.

The second question asked the extent to which the respondent could, or could not, live with the access way remaining open. The majority of respondents, or 53%, said they could not live with the fence remaining open.

Read the St Georges Close Plebiscite Report here

Council's Decision

In January 2018, Council resolved to permanently close the access way in an effort to improve community safety.

The decision was informed by the plebiscite results.