Energy Efficiency

The City is proud of it's efforts to save money and the environment by utilising energy efficient technologies.

Geothermal Energy

Obtained from heat in the ground, using state of the art technology, geothermal energy is renewable and cost efficient.

The City has embarked on two geothermal projects - the first involved the installation a new environmentally friendly geothermal air conditioning plant at the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery, the second saw the installation of a new geothermal system at the Aquarena making our swimming pools environmentally friendly for a sustainable future.



  • The innovative geothermal system will heat the Aquarena’s  indoor pools as well as the air temperature inside the building.
  • The Aquarena’s gas consumption will be reduced by up to 70 % per annum. The initiative will save the City of Greater Geraldton around $84,000 every year.
  • The geothermal heating system will also reduce CO2 emissions with an average annual carbon offset of approximately 108 tonnes.                                                                            
  • The total cost for the energy efficiency project is just over $1million. This includes the installation of variable speed drives, pump upgrades, pool blankets and water wise technologies.




The Art Geraldton Regional Art Gallery project would not have been possible without the $900,000 funding support provided from the Department of Regional Development via the Royalties for Regions Country Local Government Fund. 

The Aquarena project received generous funding from the Department of Industry and Science who provided a grant of $795,822 for the works. 

The remaining funding has been provided by the City.


This project received funding from the Australian Government.

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