Customer Service Charter

Our Customer Focus

City staff are committed to:

  • Respecting the diversity of our community
  • Working with our customers to understand and respond to their needs both now and in the future
  • Making it more convenient, easier and quicker to do business with the City
  • Being fair and accountable in our service delivery
  • Being transparent in our decision making
  • Providing opportunities for community engagement
  • Striving for excellence in all that we do
  • Focusing our improvement efforts on better service for our customers

Contacting us in Person

When you visit our offices/buildings we will:

  • Greet you in a timely manner and provide you with professional, polite and attentive service every time
  • Ensure all frontline staff  wear name badges so we can be easily identified
  • Treat you with respect, courtesy and dignity
  • Listen to you carefully and fully consider your issues
  • Endeavour to satisfy your request at the time of your visit
  • Ensure that when enquiries of a technical or specialised nature are made which cannot be answered immediately that a detailed message is taken and responded to as soon as possible or an initial response is provided within a reasonable timeframe.

Contacting us by Phone

When you phone we will:

  • Aim to answer the telephone within 30 seconds
  • Ensure you speak to a real person and not to an answering service / voicemail
  • Introduce ourselves using our first name and our business unit
  • Provide a direct contact name and number where necessary
  • Return your telephone enquiry no later than the next working day
  • Take personal responsibility for and ownership of your enquiry to reduce transferred calls
  • Also provide a 24 hour telephone service for after hours or emergency calls

Contacting us in Writing Including Email

When you write or email us, we will:

  • Reply to you in clear, concise, plain English that is easily understood
  • Aim to acknowledge 85% of your letters or emails within 3 working days of receipt and provide a full reply to you within 10 working days.
  • If your written enquiry (letter or email) requires in-depth research or follow-up that will take longer than 10 working days, we will acknowledge your correspondence and where possible provide an expected completion date.

Contacting Us by Facebook or Twitter

All customer contact on social media will be managed by our Corporate Communications Team.

Response Times

Customer Contact Method Response Times
Face to face Greet you in a timely manner
By telephone

Aim to answer within 30 seconds

Aim to return phone-calls within one working day
In writing Aim to respond to 85% of queries within 3 working days
By Snap, Send, Solve Aim to respond to 85% of queries within 3 working days
By web chat Aim to respond within 30 seconds during business hours