Olive Street Site Remediation Project








In August 2017, the transformation of the Olive Street Reserve from a brown field site into a landscaped public open space was completed. More here

Remediation works began with the relocation of fauna from the site followed by the management of contaminated materials which had been dumped at the site over the years, in accordance with obligations under the Contaminated Sites Act 2013.  An environmental specialist was onsite at all times to ensure the earthworks complied with the Act. More here

Earthworks were followed by the construction of an ephemeral wetland and drainage system which filters diverted rainwater from the South Pipe for pollutants, rubbish and other debris before it fills the wetland area and recharges the groundwater.  More here

The City allocated $3.4 million in the 2016/17 Budget for the project, which included the construction of the World War 1 memorial. The remediation works were completed ahead of schedule and $1 million under budget.

World War 1 Memorial

Construction of a World War 1 Memorial to commemorate citizens of the Geraldton district who lost their lives in the war is set to begin on the Olive Street Reserve began in March 2018 and was completed in July 2018 and officially opened in August 2018.

In 1961, Frank Green Senior gifted land in Mahomets Flats to the City to be used for recreational purposes and at the time requested a memorial be created on the land that recognised his son Leonard T. Green and other citizens of the Geraldton district who lost their lives in active service in the First World War. At a later date, the gifted land was needed to facilitate traffic management and Eldred Green, Leonard’s brother, agreed to exchange the land with the Olive Street Reserve.

The WW1 Memorial, which was designed by Eastman Poletti Sherwood Architects in consultation with Geraldton RSL is laid out from east to west to align with the position of the setting sun every year on 25 April ANZAC Day. The structure includes the names of those fallen during the war in a setting that represents a typical battle front scene featuring trees stripped bare of branches and a raised timber boardwalk above a muddy landscape.

WW1 scene

Artist impression of memorial designs.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

Aerial site view

Memorial Site on the Reserve