New State Emergency Services Building

Construction of a new State Emergency Services (SES) building on Aeromedical Road on the northeast boundary of the Geradlton Airport was completed in July 2019. More here

More here

Construction on the modern centrally located facility, which will be the new home to 30 SES volunteers, includes an administrative building, shed, garage and training tower will enable the 30 SES volunteers to provide their essential services to all areas of the City began in November 2018.  More here

SES volunteers provide an important service to the community which includes responding to natural disasters such as major flooding, fires and severe storms events.Their service also extends to mass casualty events, emergency repairs to buildings, restoration of essential services and transportation of cargo and passengers. The central location of the building near major road arteries will enable quick response times in during emergencies and they will also be able to provide an additional layer of assistance in the event of an aircraft incident at the airport.”

Construction of the $1.8 million facility, which is 100% funded by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, will be undertaken by local contractor Geraldton Building Services and Cabinets Pty Ltd. The estimated date of completion for the project is April 2019.

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