Wonthella Skate Park

The Wonthella Skate Park was revealed and is now open to the public after undergoing an extensive refurbishment and extension.

The extension covers an area of approximately 700m2 as well as a refurbishment to the existing park.

With features for the novice skater up to the advanced, the skate park includes new additions such as grind rails, ramps, quarterpipe runs, banks, ledges and steps.

A significant area of the new extension houses a 2.5 metre tall bowled area which is an entirely new feature of the skate park.  

Award-winning and renowned company CONVIC Pty Ltd was awarded the contract for the project with a large portion of the work going to local businesses.

CONVIC have built prized skate parks throughout Australia and the world. They have received awards for their skate park construction in Fremantle and Singapore.

People of all ages are invited to bring along their skateboards, scooters, bikes and roller blades onto the new and improved skate park.

The project was funded from the City, from Royalties for Regions and from the Department of Sport and Recreation.

Geraldton local youth at Wonthella Skate Park

Picture caption: Geraldton local makes a jump during the opening of the Wonthella Skate Park in July 2015.

Sketch of works at Wonthella Skate Park

Picture caption: Outline sketch of the works at Wonthella Skate Park.