Reconciliation Action Plan Review

What does reconciliation mean for the City?

When the City talks about reconciliation it is talking about acknowledging our shared history and building strong partnerships where we collectively develop creative and innovative ways to walk side-by-side, respecting our culturally different ways of thinking, being and doing.  

Committed to building a sustainable, supportive, cohesive and inclusive community, the City recognises the value and strength of culture, families and beliefs within the greater Geraldton City region and the benefit to all community members of closing the gap of disadvantage and achieving a shared sense of fairness and justice.

OUR VISION: A unified community where Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members are strong[er] together

By demonstrating and modelling understanding and respect, support and encouragement, and celebration and promotion of our various ways of thinking, being and doing, the City can lead the way towards a unified community. This requires the continual development of staff towards cultural responsiveness and the embedding of Indigenous perspectives in our work culture, developing culturally safe and inclusive programs and projects, and the facilitation of networks of like-minded organisations and individuals.

The City enhances the strength of the community by supporting processes of healing and historical acceptance of the past, dismantling systems of oppression and racism and establishing equitable replacements, which will increase and magnify opportunities for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people to participate in the social, economic and political activities respectfully alongside each other.


The City is committed to supporting and acknowledging the Traditional Owners- the Southern Yamatji peoples - and all people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds via its Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan October 2017 - October 2020.

The Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was developed and overseen by a Reconciliation Advisory Committee, who met regularly to review the progress of the City in working towards the actions outlined in the Reconciliation Action Plan.

The Plan reflects the City’s commitment to develop strong and enduring partnerships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community members. It outlines strategies to create opportunities, enhance respect and build relationships for the benefit of the whole community, and contribute to the vibrancy, inclusiveness and success of the greater Geraldton City region.

The Review Process

The Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan October 2017 - October 2020 is now due for review.

In September, the City began engaging with the broader community when it launched the Reconciliation Action Plan Review Community Survey on the RAP.  More here

The survey has since closed and the results collated. Read the Reconciliation Action Plan Review Community Survey Report results here

RAP Community Survey Report

The next stage in the review involves meeting with community members who took the survey and expressed an interest in further engagement with the City regarding the RAP.

For more information on the RAP Review please contact Courtney Whyte the Community & Aboriginal Development Officer by emailing or calling (08) 9956 6600.