Draft Geraldton Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Planning Report

The City is facing the impacts of coastal erosion and inundation along its coastlines, with the vulnerability of land use and development within the coastal zone expected to increase in the future. In accordance with Western Australia's State Planning Policy 2.6 State Coastal Planning Policy (SPP2.6), coastal areas identified as being at risk of coastal hazard require Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Planning (CHRMAP).

How can I have my say?

Before you provide your feedback, we strongly suggest you take the time to review the Draft CHRMAP Reports and Appendices below.

Once you have completed your review there are two options available to have your say:

  1. Fill out an online submission form located here
  2. Download a PDF submission form here which you can fill out and either email, mail or drop off at the City Civic Centre located on Cathedral Avenue.

 The DEADLINE to provide your feedback on the DRAFT CHRMAP Report is 4pm on Thursday 16 August 2018. 

What's the Draft CHRMAP Report all about?

The Draft Report presents the findings from the community consultation, the coastal hazard risk assessment that has already been completed and identifies and recommends adaptation pathways and management options that the City and other stakeholders can pursue to address the risks for coastal erosion and inundation. The report is divided into the following two parts:

Part 1: Summary of the Coastal Hazard and Risk Assessment Report

Coastal Hazard and Risk Assessment Report presents the findings from the initial phases of the project based on the coastal hazard assessment and the community consultation phase that has been completed and reports on the following:

  • Potential risks arising from hazards in the coastal zone
  • Key coastal infrastructure and assets at risk within the coastal zone
  • Community and cultural values of the coastal zones

Part 1: Coastal Hazard and Risk Assessment Report (70 pages or 3MB) here

Part 1: Appendices to the Report (172 pages or 57MB) here

Part 2: Summary of the Coastal Adaptation Report

The Coastal Adaptation Report works through the outcomes of the risk assessment to develop coastal management and adaptation recommendations to mitigate risk to coastal assets.

The Report has divided the City's coastline from Drummond Cove to Cape Burney into 12 coastal management units. Coastal management and adaptation recommendations for each unit have been completed based on the adaptation hierarchy required for each unit along with a summary of the implementation actions including costs, timing and responsibilities.

The Report contains an implementation plan, which includes a planning framework for special control areas, plans for managing the erosion and inundation risks to properties in the special control areas, specific adaptation pathways and planning actions such as built form and design requirements, trigger points, title notifications and emergency evacuation planning.

Part 2: Coastal Adaptation Report (162 pages or 5.3MB) here

Part 2: Appendices to the Report (81 pages or 30MB) here

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