Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Review

The City is currently reviewing its Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) and invites feedback from people with disability, their families and carers, disability service providers and community groups to help inform the new five year plan. 

It is a requirement of the Disability Services Act (WA) that all local government authorities develop and implement a DAIP that outlines the ways in which the authority will ensure that people with disability have equal access to its facilities and services and that each is required to lodge its DAIP the with the WA Disability Services Commission.

There are two opportunities available for people to have their say on access and inclusion which include a community survey and workshop.

Community Survey

The community survey is available online here

Alternatively, hard copies of the survey are also available at the followihng locations:

  • City Civic Centre
  • Geraldton Regional Library
  • Geradlton Visitor Centre
  • QEII Seniors and Community Centre
  • Aquarena
  • Mullewa District Office

Should you require assistance to complete the survey Customer Service Staff are available at the City Civic Centre on Cathedral Avenue.

Everyone who completes this survey before it closes on Sunday 24 February 2019 at midnight will be eligible to win a $200 gift voucher!

Community Workshop

Thursday 7 March 2019  3pm - 5pm

City Civic Centre

Please RSVP your attendance by email: janellk@cgg.wa.gov.au or phone: 0429 687 037

DAIP Review Flyer