Sunset Beach traffic Calming Community Survey and Workshop

The need for traffic calming treatments in the Sunset Beach suburb was expressed by the community a number of times in the past including during Sunset Beach Precinct Planning workshops in 2012 and it was submitted as a community project for the 10 Year Capital Works Plan in November 2013.  These streets are Bosley Street, Volute Street and Swan Drive.

In 20-16, to gain a better understand of speeding patterns on these streets, the City undertook traffic counts which confirmed there were high levels of speeding that occurred on these three streets at various times during the day.

The City also undertook the Sunset Beach Traffic Survey to identify other streets that have speeding patterns and the preferred treatments to slow traffic down.

The Traffic Survey was followed by a community workshop where community feedback was obtained from participants on the traffic calming treatments that could be used for Volute and Bosley Streets, Swan Drive, Sword Fish Vista, Chapman Road and Sail Boulevard.  Participants were also asked to prioritise the streets requiring traffic calming treatments.

View the workshop presentation here

Read the Workshop Report here

In June 2017 the City began installing calming devices on Volute Street, Bosley Street and Swan Drive.