Investment Prospectus

The economic opportunities of investing in, or relocating to, the Mid West are matched by social opportunities. An idyllic seaside setting with a good climate, provide for a host of leisure activities within the setting of a progressive and forward-looking regional centre.

Local infrastructure enables the region to take advantage of the opportunity to develop a diverse renewable energy sector that can supply both the Mid West region and the greater Perth area.

The Mid West region is a highly prospective area for the development of renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass energy generation. The Mid West region has some of the highest solar indices in Australia making it a very suitable location for solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power plants.

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Geraldton Airport Technology Park

The Geraldton Airport Technology Park (GATP) development is of substantial regional significance. Expanding over 60 acres the area will form a strategic hub for the Mid West region providing a range of aviation and non-aviation services and employment opportunities. The Geraldton Airport Technology Park will be more sustainable than developments from the previous era, designed in an environmentally responsible way.

Located in Western Australia, 12 kilometres from the City of Greater Geraldton and 424 kilometres north of Perth, the GATP has been developed to enhance opportunities within the region.

The facility is well connected by main roads to the Geraldton CBD and is situated next to the Geraldton Airport. The entire site is fully serviced with high speed fibre optic connectivity, making it an ideal spot for business operations.

For detailed information, please refer to Geraldton Airport Technology Park Prospectus.