Everlasting Partnerships Program

The goal of the City’s Everlasting Partnership program is to develop meaningful, long term relationships with businesses and communities in the Mid West through the sponsorship of Council initiatives for the benefit of the City and its residents.

We want to see community wide partnerships that deliver long term solutions to local issues helping to build a cohesive society.

Our partnerships go beyond traditional sponsorship. It’s about the long term. It’s about creating synergies and brand awareness. It’s about recognition. And it’s about being transparent.

Everlasting City Partnerships is about:

  • Entering into partnerships with organisations that support the Council’s vision for the City of Greater Geraldton.
  • Having a transparent and coordinated approach in the management of partnerships.
  • Providing recognition rights relevant to the level of contribution
  • Providing and sustaining initiatives with little or no cost to residents
  • Strengthening relationships with all tiers of the community
  • Engaging stakeholders at relevant stages of program delivery
  • Conducting the program in the spirit of goodwill

View the Everlasting Partnership Program Prospectus

Partnership Opportunities

There are a wide range of projects, programs, events, activities, environmental initiatives and facility naming rights available for partnership.  The Everlasting Partnership Opportunities Brochure 2018 provides a quick overview of some of the more prominent partnership opportunities with the City. For other opportunities, or if you have a partnership idea that you would like to present to the City, please contact the City's Communications and Engagement Officer on 9956 6600 or via email.

Recognition rights and benefits

Every sponsorship arrangement has its own unique features that benefit your business and the community.

The City’s Media & Communications team prepares marketing and communications strategies to suit the level of partnership and to maximise recognition opportunities.

We custom build our Everlasting Partnerships to ensure longevity, with a mix of profile raising, brand building, publicity, participation and engagement.

Please see the table in the Prospectus for recognition and benefits

For further details

For more details about Everlasting Partnerships program, please contact the City's Communications and Engagement Officer on 9956 6600 or via email.

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