Cyclone Seroja Recovery Information

Updated 28 April 2021

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Emergency recovery

Tropical Cyclone Seroja made landfall between Kalbarri and Port Gregory on Sunday 11 April, bringing destructive winds and heavy rainfall to coastal areas before impacting inland communities. It has caused significant damage to communities in the Goldfields-Midlands and Midwest Gascoyne regions.

Focus is now on recovery. For a comprehensive list of information and services that will help you and your family recover, please visit Emergency WA's Active Recoveries hub.

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Rural community update

Rural community updates

Click here to download a form to detail the damage you have sustained so we can pass it onto Blaze Aid. All completed forms can be sent to 

Rural Community Update #1 - 28 April 2021
Rural Community Update #2 - 30 April 2021
Rural Community Update #3 - 3 May 2021
Rural Community Update #4 - 6 May 2021
Rural Community Update #5 - 12 May 2021

Update #5: Wednesday 12 May 2021.

Blaze Aid have already been very active, visiting a number of rural properties across Northampton and Chapman Valley in particular to date, assisting them with tree clearing, fencing reinstatement and debris clean up and removal. Those who they have aided to far have expressed their appreciation at the wonderful service being provided by the willing volunteers. Again, we encourage you to advise the City via the form linked here, detailing Cyclone Seroja impact on your property or by calling them directly to seek help. The Blaze Aid Yuna Camp Coordinator contact is Judy on 0427 614 546.

The City is also continuing its rural visits to check in with the community in regard to how people are faring post-Cyclone, as well as providing information and advice in response to any specific queries and concerns. Many properties have already been visited, with the initial focus on Moonyoonooka, Bringo and Kojarena as well as the areas surrounding Mullewa. Please, make sure you check in on neighbouring properties to see how they are going and offer any support, or possible resources.

Power Update:
The City is continuing to work with Western Power as we know there are still many in our rural areas who are still awaiting their power reconnections. Many power poles have been bought down and Western Power has been bringing in more crews to assist in getting connections re-established.

Update from Western Power:

Reconnecting power
Even once our infrastructure is replaced, your power may not be back on. There may be additional steps that some residents and homeowners may need to take:

  • Customers will receive an SMS once power has been restored to their area. Once they have received an SMS, they must check their meter box for tags, follow the information on them, and engage an electrical contractor if required. If they still do not have power after following these steps they must  call us on 13 13 51.
  • Once an electrician has inspected your property, and placed an orange tag on your meter box, the electrician must contact Western Power and notify them that the property is ready for reconnection after fault. Western Power then creates a job that is placed in a queue for a reconnection crew to restore power supply. Wherever possible we are working to restore all properties in the queue that are in a particular street or are closely located. We assure customers that we are working as quickly and safely as possible to process and restore outstanding connections.  
  • Anyone who remains without power should ensure their main switch is turned off in preparation for energisation.  
  • Once your property has been reenergised your power supply might not be restored as there are additional steps you may need to take. If your main switch is back on but you do not have power after energisation please report this to 13 13 51.  
  • If you have a network connection that you no longer require, you can apply for this to be abolished.  It’s free of charge for customers affected by the cyclone. Please contact 13 10 87. 

Mid West

  • The backbone lines from Three Springs to Mingenew, Three Springs to Moora, and Three Springs to Latham lines are now energised.  Three Springs to Moora has been returned  to service  and Three Springs to Mungarra is expected to take a few weeks to return to service. 
  • Close to 150 crew members remain in the area to repair the network. 

 Areas surrounding Northampton, Nabawa, Dongara, Geraldton, Port Denison 

  • Work is continuing on the spur lines which run off the backbone between Geraldton and Northampton via Nabawa. We anticipate work on this will be complete by Friday 14 May.  
  • All spurs off the line which runs direct from Geraldton to Northampton are energized.    
  • Crews will then move to work on the spur line that runs off the backbone from Geraldton to Dongara, starting Wednesday 12 May.   
  • There are at least 40 poles and powerline to be repaired between Allanooka and Mt Horner.   
  • Crews are working in the Walkaway area replacing poles and powerlines. 

Mullewa, Wongoondy, Pindar, Devils Creek, Eradu, Wicherina 

  • Woongoondy:  The line that runs from  south of Mullewa to Wongoondy has been restored. 
  • The backbone to Mullewa has been restored.  
  • Work continues to repair the large amount of damage to spurs in this area including Eradu, Wicherina, Devils Creek and Tenindewa and we’re continuing to find hazards as we progress through.    
  •  As work winds up in other areas, those resources will be deployed to the area.  
  • Work is approximately 45% complete in this area.  

Canna, Tardun 

  • 98% complete.  

This DFES link has information specific to the recovery from STC Seroja:

If you need to chat or you’re struggling, Lifeline provide crisis support calls on 13 11 14. You can reach them 24/7 or visit the Lifeline website for resources.

Contact details - Seroja

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