Recycling mulch

Mulch is available free for residents in a ute or car/ute with trailer. Vehicles that do not fit this criteria and commercial businesses will be required to purchase mulch. Residents wanting to load mulch are to notify the officer at the weighbridge who will direct them to the location and notify the loader operator.

First grind green waste is available for purchase per scoop (1 x loader bucket) or per tonne. See the Meru Facility Fees and Charges schedule for current pricing. For larger loads please contact the Meru Office on (08) 9923 3188 to ensure sufficient quantities are available.

Residents who wish to collect mulch using a truck will need to apply with the City. Please contact the City prior to attending Meru Landfill, call 08 9956 6600 or email

Note: Whilst every effort is made to ensure weeds and other contaminants are segregated from clean green waste, the quality of product cannot be guaranteed.