Nominees for Mullewa

Nominations for Premiers Australia Day Active Citizenship Award 2016 - Mullewa:

Kathryn Park

Kathryn has been a driving force and a volunteer for the Mullewa Wildflower Show for the past 20 years. Kathryn takes annual leave every year to be able to assist with all aspects of the Show.

Heather Reynolds

Heather has been a volunteer within various areas of Mullewa since 1979. She currently gardens at The Station craft centre voluntarily and sometimes propagates and buys plants out of her own pocket. She also volunteers doing tours and talks at the Monsignor Hawes house. Until recently was a valued volunteer for the annual Wildflower Show and CRC. She cares about the old or destitute people in the community, one year cooking and delivering Christmas dinner to 4 older fellas. Heather is quite a knowledgeable lady that is always available for a shoulder to cry on and provides sensible advice. She also spent many years up-keeping the gardens at the old Kembla Zoo site voluntarily.

Eliza Thomas

Eliza has been volunteering in Mullewa in many ways for the past 20 years. She is a founding member and driving force of the Mullewa Arts Development Group and is currently Vice-Chair of the not-for-profit group. She has been volunteering with the annual Ag Show for many years as well. She also organised tennis coaching for children in previous years.