Rubbish Collection

Waste collection days & recycling locations

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Placing your bin out

Please observe the following requirements to ensure general waste in your Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB) is collected:

  • Bins must be placed on verge prior to 6am on your collection day
  • Leave a half metre gap between bins or obstacles
  • Do not place rubbish beside or on top of the bin
  • Do not overload the bin (maximum 70kg weight)
  • Do not overfill the bin to a point the lid cannot be closed
  • Do not place paint, pesticides, chemicals, liquids, batteries or motor oil in your bin
  • Remove the bin from the nature strip as soon as possible after collection
  • The bins are for domestic waste only such as food scraps and non-recyclable items
  • Do not put other household waste such as bricks, heavy timber or steel in the bin - these materials can damage the collection equipment and your bin

My bin was placed on the verge but not emptied, what should I do?

If your bin was placed on the verge prior to 6am on your collection day and was missed, contact the City on (08) 9956 6600.

How to get a new bin

You can purchase an Australian Standard Wheelie Bin via the City of Greater Geraldton Civic Centre or at the Meru Landfill Facility. For more information contact the City on (08) 9956 6600.

Damaged bins

Bins belong to the respective property owners who are therefore responsible for maintenance of their bin. However, if your bin is damaged as a result of the Refuse Collection Service, contact the City on (08) 9956 6600.

Extra bins and additional services

To request a new or an additional bin service, fill out and return to the City of Greater Geraldton the New Rubbish Collection Service Application Form (HW07). This form can also be used for the purchase of new bins.

To decrease the amount of services on your property fill out and return the Decrease to Rubbish Collection Service Application (HW08) to the City of Greater Geraldton.

Both forms are available for download from the Online Forms page.


The City currently does not offer a kerbside recycling service, although drop off facilities for some items are offered. More information on the types of materials that can be reused or recycled and where they can be taken can be found on the Recycling in Geraldton webpage.

Hazardous waste

Harmful pesticides and chemicals should not be placed in landfill. Residents can dispose of unwanted paint, pesticides, other household chemicals and batteries safely in the designated Household Hazardous Waste shed at the Meru Waste Disposal Facility.

Meru Waste Disposal Location: Landfill Lane, off Goulds Road, Narngulu WA 6532

Note that this service is only for household items and these will be recycled wherever possible. For the disposal of commercial volumes of such items, contact the City’s Environmental Health and Waste Department on (08) 9956 6600.