Post Office Laneway – the road to community art

Published: Monday, 3 December 2018 at 8:16:52 AM

A big emphasis will be placed on community artwork in Post Office Laneway as part of the Rocks Laneway Project.

The revamp of this thoroughfare, which includes the installation of benches and trees, will continue the revitalisation of the central CBD by creating a welcoming pedestrian journey between Marine Terrace and Chapman Road.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor said the Post Office Laneway is set to become a dynamic space and the focal area of a Public Art Strategy.

“The Public Art Strategy currently being developed by the City will include a number of opportunities for community artists to display their works in the CBD,” he said.

“One of the more prominent places will be in a series of illuminated light boxes mounted on the side of the Telstra building in the Post Office Laneway.

“Residents and visitors to the City will be drawn into the laneway by the wildflower meta graphic, which as a significant piece of art in its own right, also acts as the key way finder through the laneway.

“Once in the laneway, they will be able to view community artworks when they walk past or whilst sitting in the shade under the trees.”

Peak Consultants Principal and laneway building owner Mark Reid said he supports the Rocks Laneway Project.

“As business owners in the Post Office Lane we strongly support the revitalisation of this important community laneway,” he said.

“The inclusion of a place to display local artists’ work will bring the laneway back to life and make it a central focus point in town again.”

The Rocks Laneway project has since gone out for early tender notification with construction anticipated to be completed by September 2019.


Post Office Laneway will feature community art in in a series of illuminated light boxes mounted on the side of the Telstra building.

The Post Office Laneway

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