City cleans up storm aftermath

Published on Monday, 25 May 2020 at 12:00:45 PM

Geraldton Storm 2020

Clean up crews are out in full force today in the aftermath of Sunday’s storm that hit Geraldton causing widespread damage.

Described as a once-in-a-decade occurrence, ex-tropical cyclone Mangga hit the WA coast with Geraldton copping a large brunt of the severe weather.

A dust storm, high swell causing coastal erosion, violent winds and rainfall caused major destruction.

There were multiple bush fires with a significant one in Waggrakine burning through approximately two hectares of land, along with major damage to homes, fallen power lines, a lot of fallen trees and sand over roads, and thousands of homes without power.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn thanked all emergency crews for their hard work and urged the community to be patient while things were cleaned up.

“We were definitely hit hard yesterday and now we have crews out there cleaning up to ensure community safety,” he said.

“While the storm may be over, there is still a lot of sand and debris on roads and we ask people to be extremely cautious over the next couple of weeks while we get things back to normal.

“From all of the community, a huge thank you goes out to all of the emergency and clean-up crews who were on call and those who are getting us back on our feet today.”

Bush Fire Brigades from Waggrakine, Cape Burney and Moonyoonooka, Geraldton Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Geraldton Career Fire and Rescue, DFES Midwest Office and City Fire Services were all out in full force, as were SES, Police and Western Power.

City teams are working in suburbs which were heavily hit in the storm, with crews picking up green waste on roads and verges, inspecting and clearing drains, sweeping streets, as well as road and path clean-ups from the build-up of sand.

Jobs are being prioritised based on safety.

Community members are reminded of the following:

  • Stay away from any fallen power lines and report any you see damaged.
  • Exercise caution and obey all warning signs and directions from authorised City personnel and contractors.
  • Be cautious of coastal areas as erosion may still be occurring.
  • Take care with asbestos fencing that may have fallen.
  • If your house or property has been damaged, ring your insurer first, take photos and then follow advice from your insurance company.
  • If you have the means, take your green waste to Meru (tip).
  • Assess fences and boundaries to ensure pets are secure.
  • Check in on your neighbours and provide assistance where you can.

Community members are reminded that they may see crews out cleaning up and removing sand from roads and footpaths.

If you spot any damage, report it to the City by calling (08)9956 6600.

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