Community Resources

To assist the community and sporting clubs with communicating with stakeholders, general club management and governance and for building the capacity of volunteers and members, this page provides a list of commonly used community resources. They include document templates, guides and links to other resources. For more information on how to utilise these resources, contact the City’s Community Development team on 9956 6600 or email the City.

Annual Club Profile

To help the City to get to know your club better, it is very useful for your club to complete the City’s Annual Club Profile. This form can be used to update you club’s contact details, demographics, needs and any issues it faces.

View the Annual Club Profile.

Fill in the City's Annual Club Profile online survey.

Business plan template

This template can be used to help prepare the strategic planning document.

View a Business Plan template.

Event planning checklist - template

A checklist for clubs to use when planning for large events to ensure every aspect of the event is planned for and any risks can be managed.

View the Event Planning Checklist template.

Financial statements - sample

This document provides a simple example the type and format of financial statements a club may be required to present at ordinary or Annual General Meetings.

View sample Club Financial Statements.

Grant funding matrix

A list of all relevant grants available to sporting and community clubs and a summary of the conditions, eligibility requirements, closing dates and contact details for each funding body.

View Grant Funding Matrix.

Grant writing guide

Grants are competitive, and although there is no scientific formula to ensure you win a grant, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances of being successful. This guide will help clubs to ensure their grant applications have the best possible chance of being successful.

View Applying for Grants – Quick Reference.

View Applying for Grants Information.

Ground management seasonal booking form

Stakeholder clubs are required to complete the seasonal booking application form to secure playing and training times at their chosen venue by a specified date and before any external bookings are approved. This document can be used to submit the relevant ground bookings to the City of Greater Geraldton.

For the relevant Seasonal Booking Form, contact the City's Booking Admin team on 9956 6600 or email the City.

Job description sample - President

The president is the principal leader of the organisation with the overall responsibility for the organisation’s administration. This form provides a guide as to the roles and responsibilities a president is required to undertake as well as the type of skills required to perform the role.

View a sample President Job Description.

Job description sample - Secretary

The secretary facilitates the smooth running of the organisation through efficiently handling of the records, correspondence and other communications. This form provides a guide as to the roles and responsibilities a secretary is required to undertake as well as the type of skills required to perform the role.

View a sample Secretary Job Description.

Job description sample - Treasurer

The treasurer’s role is to oversee the financial operations of the organisation and report back to the committee on a regular basis the club’s financial performance and position. This form provides a guide as to the roles and responsibilities a treasurer is required to undertake as well as the type of skills required to perform the role.

View a sample Treasurer Job Description.

Meeting minutes - Template

This simple template will provide a guide for new club secretaries to help with the preparation of meeting agendas and the proper recording of decisions of the club.

View a Meeting Minutes Template.

Members’ survey - template

Conducting a survey with your members is a simple way to get feedback about how welcoming and well run your club is. The results of the survey can be discussed at a Committee meeting and used to identify good club practices and areas for improvement. This document can be used as a guide for clubs to use in developing their own surveys for their stakeholders.

View the Members’ Survey template.

Membership list - template

Stakeholder clubs that use City of Greater Geraldton maintained sporting facilities are required to inform the City of the number of active members it has each season for calculation of the applicable fees for ground usage. This document can be used to submit the membership information to the City of Greater Geraldton.

View the Membership List template.

Sponsorship prospectus - General outline

This document provides a brief outline of stages for developing a Sponsorship Prospectus to attract funding for your club.

View the Sponsorship Prospectus - General outline .

Sponsorship prospectus - template

This template will guide the development of your Sponsorship Prospectus as members undertake a self analysis of their club. It includes purpose of the sponsorship request, amount required, branding, timeframes and start dates.

View the Sponsorship Prospectus - Template.

Sponsorship prospectus - Guidelines for clubs

A step by step guide to developing your Sponsorship Prospectus which can include invitations for cash and in-kind sponsorship.  Includes hints on how to undertake research for sponsors whose values align with your club and how do you promote the opportunities you have on offer.

View the Sponsorship Prospectus - Guidelines for Clubs.

Strategic planning guide

A Strategic Plan is a document that is designed to give the organisation some direction in the short to mid-term (2-4 years). This guide will help clubs to prepare the plan, engage with members and stakeholders to identify and drive the direction of the club and to evaluate the club’s performance against a set of clearly defined goals.

View a Strategic Planning Guide.

Volunteer Recruitment Tips

Attracting, training and keeping volunteers engaged to assist your club takes effort.  Working for your club should be safe, significant, fulfilling and appreciated. Look at the roles and tasks to be undertaken within your club and be strategic in asking people to undertake a task. Be specific. For example:  “this task will take one hour per week for 4 weeks to do…..” This will result in people being more willing to commit their time as they know exactly what is being asked of them.  Being clear on what you expect them to do during their volunteer time will also assist in the decision making. Spell it out in a job description. 

Most importantly – remember to thank your volunteers!

View the Volunteer Recruitment Tips - Quick Reference.