Strategic Community Plan

The City's Strategic Community Plan 2017-2021 is the blueprint for the future direction of the City and its community members.

Inspired and driven by community input through the community engagement process, the Plan helps guide the City's projects, programs, services and policies as it seeks to meet the needs of current and future generations.

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Strategic Community Plan

How often is the plan updated?

Strategic Community Plans undergo a minor review every two years and a major review every four years to ensure the community's vision for the future and the actions to get achieve it are still relevant.

Ongoing engagement with the community means the City not only understands the current wants and needs of the community, it ensures any changes are included in the plan following the review processes.

The following engagement activities and processes undertaken in the last four years will be used to inform the 2021 major review of the plan.

The City began its official review of the Plan in late 2019 when it launched its biggest community engagement campaign in over five years, the Community Voice - Shaping our Future Project. The Project, which gave residents the chance to have their say on the services the City provides and future capital works projects, was delivered in a number of stages over a 12 month period.

The four stages included:

  • Community Survey
  • Range and Level of Services Review
  • New Capital Works Prioritisation
  • Youth Engagement

More on the Community Voice Project here