2029 and Beyond Project

In 2009 the former City of Geraldton-Greenough realised it was faced with some real challenges regarding projected population growth, climate change and opportunities related to developments such as Oakajee Port, SKA & ASKAP and the growing resource industry.

The City recognised the need for an innovative approach to community engagement and collaboration in decision making otherwise, the opportunities these changes presented would most likely be lost and the future sustainability of the City and region greatly reduced. As a result, in early 2010 the City launched the Sustainable Future City Project. The project name later evolved to ‘2029 and Beyond’ project. 

The Sustainable Future City Project aimed to fully engage the local community by stimulating their creativity and involving them in planning for a sustainable economic and social future. The project also aimed to provide a long term framework for sustainable development to provide all sectors including government industry and the community with a high level of clarity and certainty about a desired future. During the four years the project 2010-2014 more than 3500 members of the community contributed in visioning and informed decision making processes.

The goals of the project were:

  1. Community Visioning: The project aimed to work with the Greater Geraldton community to develop a shared vision for the future of the City region. Successful community visioning will lead to an engaged and inspired community that share a common vision for the future and have begun to act to make that future a reality. This process will establish a long term framework for sustainable growth and development of community.
  2. Sustainability: The project was about meeting the City’s sustainability goals - what it means to the City and what actions are required across the City region as a whole that need to be addressed to achieve this goal. Sustainability across the five key areas of governance, social, culture, environment and economy were addressed as part of this project.
  3. Employment Growth & Population Increase: The project aimed to provide capacity for significant population increases whilst offering diverse employment options.
  4. Improve Facilities: The project aimed to provide a strategic long term plan for the infrastructure needs that are integrated and supported by the community.

Project outcomes here