What is KidSport?

KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5-18 years who have a health care card to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them up to $200 financial assistance towards club fees each calendar year. Children without a health care card can apply for an exemption through a referral agent

How do I apply for KidSport?

You can apply two ways for KidSport.

1. Visit the KidSport website and fill out the online form (Preferred method)
2. Fill out the manual form and email to

I have submitted my form and the club has not received its money?

The KidSport program has two very busy times of the year. Summer and winter sign on (feb-april = winter, aug-oct = summer). City Officers are working diligently to process your child’s application to ensure that the unique voucher code number is emailed to you in a timely manner.
It is the parent’s responsibility to provide this unique voucher code to the club so that they process the invoice. This will have been emailed to you. Clubs need to allow 28 working days from submission to payment within these high traffic periods.

Where do I send my clubs invoice for payment?

1. Submit your invoice online (preferred method) using club login details
2. Scan and send to
3. Hard copy given to Civic Centre Customer Service (last resort)

How does a referral work?

The referral process is in place so that children who do not have a Heath Care Card or Pension Card can still benefit from KidSport. A referral agent needs to have an understanding of the family’s financial situation and be in a position to identify that the child will receive significant benefit by being involved in physical activity within a positive club environment. CGG is still finalising the list of referral agents and will hold onto this applications for processing in the near future.

What if my fees are more than $200?

You will be required to pay the difference in order for your club to accept your membership application

What costs does KidSport cover?

KidSport will cover registration fees, and some uniform and equipment fees. Uniform & equipment will only be covered if the club includes the cost in their club fee.

Can I purchase a uniform for my child and be reimbursed through KidSport?

No, only uniforms purchased through clubs will be covered.

Can my child use KidSport funding to play more than one sport?

KidSport will cover up to $200 in sporting fees per child, per financial year with no restriction on the number of sports that can be played. For example if your child plays football in winter and the fees are $110 then plays cricket in summer there is $90 left to go towards cricket fees. Alternatively, if football is $200 and cricket is $200 you can submit a voucher application for $100 to each club, with you paying the difference.

Can my child apply half way through the season?

KidSport funding is available throughout the whole year however, you will be encouraged to contact the Club first to see if they are still taking registrations.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the KidSport Frequently Asked Questions