Important Information and Resources from Authorities

The Department of Health are the lead agency for this situation and people are advised to visit their website as a true and accurate source of information.

Various resources for employers, schools and higher education, health, aged care, childcare, transport, travel and hotel sectors are available at the following websites: 

National Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080

The WA Roadmap to carefully ease COVID-19 restrictions is now available and can be viewed here.

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Intrastate Travel Boundaries

From Monday 18 May 2020, border restrictions will be relaxed, with travel allowed between:

  • South West, Great Southern, Wheatbelt and Perth-Peel regions
  • Mid-West, Gascoyne and Pilbara regions (excluding the biosecurity zone)
  • Goldfields-Esperance region (excluding the biosecurity zone)
  • within Kimberley Local Government areas (the Commonwealth’s biosecurity zone remains in place).

Travel exemptions will be required to travel between these regions.

Revised borders come into effect 18 May 2020

Further border restrictions will be lifted on Friday 29 May.

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COVIDSafe app

The Department of Health has released a COVIDSafe app for both iPhone and Android. The COVIDSafe app helps find close contacts of COVID-19 cases.

The app helps state and territory health officials to quickly contact people who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Learn more

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Social Gathering Restrictions and the Impact on Sport and Recreation

Updated 11 May 2020

The Western Australian Government have recently updated their WA Roadmap social gathering restrictions. From Monday 18 May 2020, up to 20 people will be able to participate in non-contact community sports with minimal shared equipment.

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries factsheet summaries what this means for community sport and active recreation.

Social distancing, good hygiene and the 4sqm rule apply to all activities.

Are sporting clubs able to return?

Yes however restrictions may apply, if the sporting activity is non-contact, and involves 20 people or less, then you can participate. This includes non-contact training for sports that would ordinarily involve contact, such as basketball, football, soccer and netball.

Playing the contact sport itself remains a prohibited sporting activity.

Minimal shared equipment should be used and must be cleaned frequently. Participants should practice social distancing by keeping 1.5 metres from other people.

Can I play soccer socially at the park if there is 20 of us?

Yes. Kicking the soccer ball is fine, as long as everyone practices social distancing at all times. Participants should practice social distancing by keeping 1.5 metres from other people.

Participating in a soccer game where there is contact with other participants is prohibited.

Groups of people playing sports in parks should take care to keep a safe distance from other groups using the park.

Can I book an oval to train on?

No, the City will not be taking any ground bookings until further restitutions have been lifted.

If you are unsure about how the restrictions affect your sport, please contact your State Sporting Association for guidance.

A frequently asked questions page is now available on the WA Government website.

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COVID-19 Statistics

Local COVID-19 information is now at the fingertips of all Western Australians after the launch today of a new COVID-19 dashboard.

The dashboard enables members of the public to track the State’s current COVID-19 curve and stay up-to-date with other local COVID-19 information through a combination of maps, graphs and tables.

It has been developed by the Department of Health and can be accessed from its website.

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Coronavirus 1


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Researchers at The University of Queensland’s Institute for Social Science Research is conducting a survey that focuses on the impacts that COVID-19 have had on individuals’ work and family situations, and how these situations have evolved and changed since the outbreak of the virus.

This survey will be important in helping to understand more about how people are managing and coping with this pandemic and will help direct resources and policies to where they are needed the most.

Click here to participate in the survey.

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