Recycling in Geraldton

The City of Greater Geraldton offers a variety of drop off recycling and reuse options for residents who wish to recycle.

Please note there are charges for the disposal of some items at the Meru Landfill Facility.

Recycling Centre (Tip Shop)

Contact 08 9923 3201

MEEDAC operates the City’s Recycling Centre, also known as the Tip Shop, located at 61 Landfill Lane, Narngulu. Items that can be accepted include:

  • Furniture
  • Household electrical items
  • Repairable whitegoods
  • Tools
  • Building materials
  • Toys
  • Crockery
  • Bric-a-brac
  • Any other reusable household items

The Recycling Centre offers a collection point for:

  • Aluminium cans
  • Car / truck batteries
  • Cardboard
  • Type 1 and 2 Plastics (drink containers only)

Recycling Centre open to the public from Thursday to Monday between the hours of 7.00am – 3.30pm.

The Facility will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for sales or item drop off. Staff will be on site to process recycled materials.

For further information contact 08 9923 3201.

Please note that MEEDAC Recycling Shed does not offer a pickup or delivery service.

There are charities and donation centres located in Geraldton. See White Pages or Local Business Directory for further information. 

Aluminium cans

A collection point for aluminium cans is located at the Recycling Centre (Tip Shop) on Landfill Lane, Narngulu.

Aluminium can cages are located at different points around the Geraldton area.

Batteries - car / truck

A collection point for car and truck batteries is located at the Recycling Centre (Tip Shop) on Landfill Lane, Narngulu.

Batteries - household

The following types of household batteries can be safely recycled or disposed of:

  • AA & AAA cells (single use & rechargeable batteries)
  • C & D sized batteries
  • Button batteries (cameras & watches)
  • 9V batteries
  • 6V batteries (torches)

Battery Bins (collection points) are located at the following locations:

  • Civic Centre, Cathedral Avenue Geraldton
  • Meru Waste Disposal Facility Weighbridge Office, Landfill Lane, Narngulu
  • Geraldton Regional Library, Marine Terrace Geraldton
  • Geraldton Aquarena, Pass Street Geraldton


Flattened cardboard boxes can be dropped at the Recycling Centre (Tip Shop). Staff will direct you to the delivery point.

Construction & demolition materials (C&D)

Concrete, bricks, rock and rubble are stockpiled at the Meru Waste Disposal Facility located on Landfill Lane, Narngulu. Charges do apply, however they are at a reduced rate to promote waste separation. The City arranges for a contractor to crush the C & D materials into a road base product for reuse throughout the site. Road base may be available for purchase dependent upon availability and internal requirements.

Other reusable building materials such as bricks, pavers, tiles, timbers, windows and doors may be accepted at the Recycling Centre (Tip Shop). Please see Recycling Centre (Tip Shop) staff to discuss possible acceptance.

Ewaste (electronic waste)

A collection point for ewaste is located at the Meru Waste Disposal Facility, Landfill Lane, Narngulu. Ewaste is transported to a contractor, dismantled and the components are sold on for recycling.

Please stack all items carefully into the collection bins avoiding damage where possible.

Items accepted in Electronic Waste Recycling Program:

  • Televisions, monitors
  • Desktop systems, laptops
  • Printers, photocopiers
  • Servers, network equipment
  • All computer peripherals, electronic components
  • Scanners, fax machines
  • Speakers, sound equipment
  • Switching gear, projectors
  • Electronic games, joysticks
  • CDs, DVDs and tapes
  • Cameras, video recorders
  • DVD players
  • Microwaves, vacuum cleaners
  • Mobile & landline phones

Items NOT accepted in ewaste collection bin:

  • Smoke alarms (these can be recycled through the Household Hazardous Waste Program for residents)
  • Light globes
  • X-ray tubes
  • Items containing hazardous materials and compounds (these can be recycled through the Household Hazardous Waste Program for residents)
  • EPIRBs
  • Explosive material
  • Broken glass TV screens or monitors
  • Batteries that are not an integral part of the system
  • Packaging (cardboard can be recycled at the Tip Shop)

Green waste (garden waste)

A collection point for clean green waste (branches, leaves) is located at the Meru Waste Disposal Facility, Landfill Lane, Narngulu. The drop off area is only for green waste that has been separated from rubbish and other contaminants. Clean green waste is accepted free of charge for residents. Green waste mixed with rubbish cannot be accepted for reuse and fees may apply for disposal.

Please note grass clippings, roses, bougainvillea and box thorn cannot go to green waste. These are classed as noxious weeds, and fees apply to commercial customers for disposal. 


Mulch is available free for residents in a ute or car/ute with trailer. Vehicles that do not fit this criteria and commercial businesses will be required to purchase mulch. Residents wanting to load mulch are to notify the officer at the weighbridge who will direct them to the location and notify the loader operator.

First grind green waste is available for purchase per scoop (1 x loader bucket) or per tonne. See the Meru Facility Fees and Charges schedule for current pricing. For larger loads please contact the Meru Office on (08) 9923 3188 to ensure sufficient quantities are available.

Residents who wish to collect mulch using a truck will need to apply with the City. Please contact the City prior to attending Meru Landfill, call 08 9956 6600 or email

Note: Whilst every effort is made to ensure weeds and other contaminants are segregated from clean green waste, the quality of product cannot be guaranteed.


A collection point for mattresses is located at the Meru Waste Disposal Facility, Landfill Lane, Narngulu. Please note that charges will apply, please see the Fees & Charges Schedule for current pricing.

Mattresses are currently stockpiled and shredded. The metal from mattresses are then recycled.


A local community group operates Jack’s Shed where newspapers are accepted free of charge for recycling. Jack’s Shed is located in the carpark of Geraldton Aquarena, Pass Street, Wonthella. 

Please ensure all old newspapers are placed flat and tied into bundles of no more than 20. Although used phone books and magazines are accepted, patrons are required to kindly remove all glossy inserts and/or pages (e.g. tear the cover off your old phone book before stacking with the newspapers).


Empty paint tins that are dry inside can be disposed to landfill at the Meru Waste Disposal Facility, Landfill Lane, Narngulu. Tins of acrylic (water based) or enamel (oil based) paints, to a household maximum of a 20L container, can be accepted as part of the Household Hazardous Waste program at the Meru Waste Disposal Facility. Tip: Try adding kitty litter or sand to absorb excess liquid left in the bottom of a paint tin and leave the lid off to speed up drying process.

Plastic bottles

The City of Greater Geraldton, Northern Agricultural Catchment Council in association with Keep Australian Beautiful is offering a free recycling of type 1 (PET) and type 2 (HDPE) plastic bottles. Please ensure plastic bottles are washed out and the lid removed.

The only Type 1 and Type 2 plastics accepted are milk, mineral water, soft drink, and water bottles.

Type 1 Plastics AcceptedType 2 Plastics Accepted

The drop off point for plastic bottles are:

  • Beachlands Primary School – Corner of Whitfield Street and Bradley Street
  • Bluff Point Primary School – 18 Mitchell Street, Bluff Point
  • Spalding Horse and Pony Club – 556 Chapman Road, Sunset Beach
  • Geraldton Primary School – Augustus Street, Geraldton
  • Geraldton Recycling Centre (Tip Shop) – 61 Landfill Lane Narngulu
  • Geraldton Surf Life Saving Club – 260 Willcock Drive, Mahomets Flats
  • Greenough Museum & Gardens - 11 Phillips Road, Greenough
  • Drummond Cove – Bayside Park
  • Leaning Tree Community School – 74 Macedonia Drive, Glenfield
  • Mt Tarcoola Primary School – Acacia Street, Mt Tarcoola
  • Paringa Park – Paringa Street, Mount Tarcoola
  • PCYC – 105 Pass Street, Wonthella
  • QEII Carpark - 88 Durlacher Street, Geraldton
  • Strathalbyn Christian College – 15 Cedar Crescent, Strathalbyn
  • Waggrakine Primary School – Hall Road, Waggrakine
  • Walkaway Primary School - Evans Road, Walkaway
  • Wandina Primary School – 29 Ajax Drive, Wandina

Scrap Metal

A collection point for scrap metal / steel is located at the Meru Waste Disposal Facility located on Landfill Lane, Narngulu. The scrap steel is stockpiled for recycling by a contractor.


Reusable timber pallets can be delivered to the Recycling Centre (Tip Shop) .

Timber suitable for woodwork (eg. jarrah) could be reused by the MenShed Geraldton Inc to be converted into furniture, children's toys or sculptures. For further information, contact 0413 696 978.


A collection point for tyres is located at the Meru Waste Disposal Facility located on Landfill Lane, Narngulu. Please note that charges will apply, please see the Fees & Charges Schedule for current pricing. Tyres are stockpiled and recycled off site.

Waste oil

Engine oil: A collection point for waste engine oil is located at the Meru Waste Disposal Facility located on Landfill Lane, Narngulu. Waste oil must be clean (no contaminants such as coolant or water) and is to be tipped into the tank provided at the transfer station for recycling. This service is free of charge for residents. 

Note: Residents are able to have free entry for waste oil, commercial oil customers will be required to pay a fee.  Commercial companies with large quantities should contact oil collection agencies directly.

Household hazardous waste (HHW)

The HHW Program provides funding for the collection and appropriate disposal of HHW collected at the Meru Waste Disposal Facility. At this site the public can drop off their unwanted HHW for free, even if they are not a resident of the area.

Accepted materials through the HHW Program

  • Acids and alkalis
  • Aerosols
  • Batteries (household)
  • Engine coolants and glycols
  • Fire extinguishers – non halon (red) only
  • Flammables
  • Flares
  • Fluorescent lamps and tubes
  • Gas cylinders (small household)
  • Household chemicals (e.g. cleaners)
  • Paint
  • Pesticides/herbicides
  • Poisons/toxics
  • Pool chemicals
  • Smoke detectors
  • Unknown chemicals (must be in sealed, chemical resistant containers)

The Program can only accept domestic quantities of materials (no larger than 20kg/20L). For more information on the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program, click here.

This Program is funded by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account.