Geraldton Senior User-friendly Business (SUB) Program

The City of Greater Geraldton is committed to “serving today while building tomorrow”. Seniors play an important and valuable role in the community. With an ageing population and many older people visiting the area, there is a need to recognise the outstanding service local businesses provide to Seniors and to support improved practices.

The Senior User-friendly Business (SUB) program has been created by the City of Greater Geraldton with an initial seed grant from the Government of Western Australia Department of Communities to support and recognise Senior user-friendly practices in local business. The core principle of the program is to value Seniors.

SUB for Customers

Looking for a Senior User-friendly Business? The SUB Directory is coming soon!

SUB for Business

How do you become a Senior User-friendly Business (SUB)?

Becoming a SUB recognises your business’ commitment to Senior user-friendly practices. There are four straightforward steps to follow:


Your business applies to become a SUB by contacting the SUB coordinator using the application form which you can:

Up to three staff can be nominated to attend the training free of charge (staff details can be altered prior to training, simply call or email the SUB coordinator with changes). The City informs your contact person of the next available SUB training and provides support with queries regarding the process of becoming a SUB. A SUB information pack is sent to your business.

2. ACT


Your business uses the SUB Guide from your information pack and you evaluate your business using the Senior User-friendly Business Checklist in the Guide. You can choose to do this as a whole staff activity (recommended) or as a manager.




Your business’ nominated staff attend SUB training to improve customer service, share changes made and existing practices with other businesses and make plans to help you become a SUB.

Training sessions are provided free of charge by the City of Greater Geraldton. Training sessions are 2hrs and are usually held quarterly from 5pm- 7pm at the QEII Centre on Durlacher St, Geraldton. Specific details of your training session will be provided to you. Attendees are to bring a copy of your business’ completed SUB Checklist. Light refreshments are provided, please let us know of any dietary requirements prior to the training session.


Your business implements any changes identified through the SUB Checklist or at training.


When you feel your business is ready, you contact us to arrange for Mystery Shoppers to visit. If Mystery Shoppers are not viable for your business or service the SUB coordinator will discuss alternatives with you, contact the SUB coordinator with any queries on 9956 6600 or Mystery Shoppers will anonymously visit or contact your business to identify your senior user-friendliness using the SUB Checklist as a guide.

Mystery Shoppers are Volunteer Seniors who provide constructive criticism to the SUB Coordinator.

The City of Greater Geraldton SUB coordinator will discuss Mystery Shopper’s findings with your business and make recommendations where required. Any feedback provided is intended as a guide only and is given in the spirit of the SUB program, to support and recognise Senior user-friendly practices in local business.



Businesses identified as successful (rating of 9 or above on the SUB checklist) are recognised:

  • In the City of Greater Geraldton SUB directory (coming soon)
  • In the QEII monthly Newsletter • On the QEII SUB noticeboard
  • In the hardcopy SUB Directory (printed quarterly)
  • With a SUB sticker for your business window, a SUB certificate to display and a media pack with the SUB logo to use on stationery and in promotions.

Continue to grow

Annual mystery shopper checks will be implemented to ensure continuing senior user-friendly practices. Existing SUB’s will be offered training spaces for additional staff where spaces are available.


Congratulate your staff for their commitment to being Senior User-friendly. Communicate your good work with your customers. Let us know if you are doing something great as a SUB, we are always looking for great examples of how businesses can become more senior user-friendly by emailing