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Online Form - Apply to become a SUB

This application indicates your Business’s interest in becoming a Senior User-friendly Business. The SUB coordinator will contact your nominated contact person to provide information, support and training dates and times.

Contact details

SUB Application

SUB Checklist

Use the SUB Checklist to evaluate your Business’ Senior User Friendliness. A checklist will be provided to you in your SUB welcome pack and you can preview and download a copy from the SUB webpage.

SUB training

A key component of becoming a SUB is accessing free 2 hour customer service training. Up to 3 staff members can attend the initial training, with further places offered when places are available at future training sessions.  Nominated staff will ideally be in positions that can effect change or can communicate ideas and information with supervisors. Staff details can be changed prior to training, simply contact the SUB Coordinator.

Volunteer Mystery Shoppers

After training and implementing change where necessary, your business registers for the SUB Mystery Shoppers to contact, visit or use your service. The Mystery Shoppers are Volunteer Seniors who provide constructive criticism to the SUB Coordinator regarding your business using the SUB checklist. Any feedback provided is intended as a guide only.


When you apply to become a SUB, you give the City of Greater Geraldton permission to use your logo, business name, images, business description and contact details in CGG publications. Please attach a jpeg of your logo for use on the SUB webpage and in CGG publications promoting SUB's below.

How did you find out about the SUB Project?

On behalf of the business named above, I am authorised to apply to participate in the Greater Geraldton Senior User-friendly Business program. I understand the spirit of the SUB program which is to support and recognise Senior User-friendly practices in local business. I commit to the process of becoming a SUB and will be participating in the program for both the good of the business and because we value and respect Seniors. *