Local Scheme No.1 Amendment No.15

Notice is hereby given that the City of Greater Geraldton has prepared the abovementioned scheme amendment for the purpose of:

  • Rezoning Lot 30 ( 1) (Strata Lots 1 to 17 and Common Property on Strata 49418) Hadda Way, Mahomets Flats from “Residential” to “Tourism”; and
  • Amending the Residential Density Code from “R40” to “R80”.

 Plans and documents setting out and explaining the amendment have been deposited at the Cathedral Avenue office, Geraldton and will be available for inspection during office hours up to and including Friday 17 July 2020.

Submissions on the amendment may be lodged in writing and should include the amendment number, the property affected and details of the submission and lodged with the undersigned on or before Friday 17 July 2020.

For further information, please contact the City’s Town Planning Team on (08) 9956 6900.

This amendment is available for inspection in order to provide opportunity for public comment and it should not be construed that final approval will be granted.

Ross McKim


Contact Details

Name: Karrie Elder

Phone: (08) 9956 6914

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