Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS)

The City’s Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS) directs how to expand our transport system to service a population of 100,000. The purpose this strategy is to provide a ‘blueprint’ for capital and operational prioritised investment into transport infrastructure in the Greater Geraldton region. If you wish to read the Integrated Transport Strategy it is available for download.

View the Integrated Transport Strategy.

View the Integrated Transport Strategy Appendices and Figures.

The strategy provides information to:

  • Support and promote the City of Greater Geraldton to become a walking and cycling friendly city;
  • Improve independence and connectedness for the transport disadvantaged;
  • A modern, integrated, appropriate and well used public transport system;
  • Support and improve the movement of freight to, through and within the City;
  • Create the transport networks to support and enhance the City as a tourist destination;
  • Create a road hierarchy that is capable of efficient vehicle movement while reducing the potential adverse effects of traffic flow; and
  • Sufficient parking to be provided for residents and visitors.

If you require further information, contact the City’s Infrastructure Services Department on (08) 9956 6600 or alternatively email the City.