Sustainable Transport (Active Travel)

The City encourages people to be active when getting around Geraldton by walking, cycling, scooting, skating, skateboarding and taking public transport.

What is Sustainable Transport ?

Creating neighbourhoods that encourage people to choose an active mode of transport is a great way to keep the community healthy. Sustainable transport can include - walking, cycling, skating, skateboarding and public transport because people walk or cycle to and from the service stops. Using sustainable transport to make local trips, such as to the shops, the local park or to visit friends is an easy way for people to get active.

What are the benefits of promoting Sustainable Transport ?

Many regional communities are grappling with increased traffic, local congestion, noise pollution and parking demands while trying to ensure accessibility to all services and facilities within their area. While some of this traffic comes from outside the municipality, about half of all trips are local and less than five kilometres. Encouraging the local community to use sustainable transport options can make an immediate contribution to reducing local traffic problems.

The benefits of sustainable transport include:

  • Increased community safety – more people walking and cycling around your neighbourhood results in improved awareness of all road users, greater community contact and more ‘eyes on the street’;
  • Helping local businesses – people using active transport are more likely to shop locally;
  • Improved community health – physical activity reduces numerous chronic health problems and can contribute positively to social capital and mental wellbeing;
  • Access for all – walking and cycling are low cost activities that are available to the whole community;
  • Improved environment – fewer car trips means reduced greenhouse gas emission, less noise and air pollution;
  • Reduction in local congestion; and,
  • Reduced pressure on road budgets – providing for, and maintaining infrastructure for motor vehicles consumes a significant proportion of the council budget.

If you require further information contact the City’s Infrastructure Services Department on (08) 9956 6600 or alternatively email the City.