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Latest News

Crèche has re-opened

Opening hours: Mon to Fri 9:00am- 5:00pm

Jacks Shed

A local community group operates Jack’s Shed where newspapers are accepted free of charge for recycling. Jack’s Shed is located in the carpark of Geraldton Aquarena, Pass Street Wonthella. 

Please ensure all old newspapers are placed flat and tied into bundles of no more than 20. Although used phone books and magazines are accepted, patrons are required to kindly remove all glossy inserts and/or pages (e.g. tear the cover off your old phone book before stacking with the newspapers).

Aquarena goes renewable

The Geraldton Aquarena is now heated using geothermal energy. Obtained from heat in the ground, using state of the art technology, geothermal energy is renewable and cost efficient, making our swimming pools environmentally friendly for a sustainable future.

The Aquarena's gas consumption is being reduced by up to 70 per cent per annum saving the City of Greater Geraldton around $84,000 every year.

The geothermal heating system is reducing CO2 emissions with an average annual carbon offset of approximately 108 tonnes.