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Public Buildings

Public Buildings are required to be safe for use by the public and designed and maintained to meet additional public health standards required by the Health Act.


The City is not a registered training provider but has subscribed to an Online Fire Safety Training tool which you may find useful. The tool may be used when inducting your staff regarding the safe management of a public building where the safety of staff and the public is paramount.

Participate in the Online Fire Safety and Emergency Response Training.

From time to time the City conducts one on one inductions with managers of public buildings. To reference such training, a copy of City of Greater Geraldton 'Public Buildings Workshop for Managers of Public Buildings' power point can be downloaded.

If you would like to access personalised City of Greater Geraldton training, please contact the City’s Senior Environmental Health Officer on 9956 6600.

Aquatic Facilities

Aquatic facilities are required to be maintained safe for use by the public. Water quality is required to meet safe standards.

Accommodation Premises (Lodging Houses)

Accommodation premises that do not have a liquor license are required to be registered and all are required to be safe and well maintained for use by the public. Accommodation premises include caravan parks, hotels and motels, hostels, backpackers and bed and breakfasts that offer accommodation for 6 or more unrelated people.