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Food Safety

Food for sale is required to be in a condition which is safe and suitable for human consumption. The City works with food businesses to develop food safe plans congruent with requirements of the Food Standards of Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ), and local food businesses are able to apply for food safe accreditation.


Although the City of Greater Geraldton is able to provide you with information towards achieving food safety, the City is not a registered training organisation. Registered training organisations who deliver training in food handling such as Durack Institute of Technology and Central West Consultancy & Training Services, can be found in you local phone directory. If your needs can not be met locally, free online Food Safety Training is available.


The City has resource materials for self education, including videos, DVDs and posters that can be accessed through the City’s Environmental Health Department. A food safety DVD titled Australian Food Safety Essentials is also available from the City Library. A training manual is available with this DVD. In addition to these resources, go to Australian Food news to view a food safety resource catalogue of food issues Australia wide.

Food Service Safety Stars Lookup

The main goal of the food safety star rating is consumer protection. The three, four and five-star food businesses are rewarded for going the extra mile for food safety and food hygiene. The benefits flow on to the consumer.

The state award-winning Five Star Food Rating System was implemented to give recognition to food businesses where they make the extra effort to ensure the best practices are consistently maintained..

customers are able to select a food business, or star rating from the drop down menu to discover the best option of well managed  and best practiced places for food safety.

To attain a Five Star rating, food businesses must demonstrate to the City food safety auditors they have maintained all required record keeping, including evidence of frequent staff training in food safety and implementing procedures that ensure their staff follow safe practices during food handling, premises maintenance and monitoring the quality of food sold to the public.

Select the type of food service and star rating below to locate details on Food Services that have Safety Star ratings. To navigate from one food service to the next, use the right panel to select.