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The verge area in front of your property is owned by the crown and it is vested in the Council to ensure that verge area is not mistreated or damaged and any utilities located underneath the area are protected.

Approval from the City is not required before any landscaping on the verge is undertaken, so long as the property owner does the work in accordance with the City of Greater Geraldton’s specifications.

Council provides a one off contribution toward the cost verge beautification. This can be claimed on completion of the verge beautification by submitting a Verge Beautification Claim Form.

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You and Your Street Verge

This information is for people who may not be sure of property boundaries of their entitlements and responsibility for care and maintenance of street verges.

Information covered;

  • Fencing
  • Street Lawns and Gardens
  • Other Verge Covering Materials
  • Verge Obstructions Not Permitted
  • Crossovers
  • Street Lights
  • Verge Stopping and Parking Local Laws
  • Street TreesRubbish Disposal
  • Storing Material On A Street

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Street Tree Management

They City of Greater Geraldton recognises the significance of street trees within the urban setting in terms of creating functional and aesthetic streetscapes and has the responsibility for the planning, establishment and maintenance of all street trees in the municipality.

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